Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: D. G. R.
Author: J. W. Inchbold
Date of Composition: 1882
Type of Manuscript: holograph

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D. G. R.
  • Sunshine of day, & clear starlight of night!
  • Pleasure of beauty, the joy of delight!
  • Glory of passion, & splendour of pride!
  • Death has touched all, & we mourn by his side.
  • Thought that was subtle, & hand that was strong,
  • Voice always sweet, although sweetest in song,
  • Friend never tiring, a foe that forgot,
  • Long must we grieve for death's merciless shot.
  • Sorrow of ours thy blessing may prove,
  • 10Far in the endless dim regions of love
  • Petrarch & Dante their brother will greet,
  • Soul unto soul bringing sympathy sweet:
  • Luini the master of colour & force
  • Who in the rainbow discovered art's source
  • Fertile & fair, a companion shall know,
  • As light from thy spirit unceasing shall flow.
  • We who have tasked witnessed the strength of thy gift,
  • Seen the creation no creature may sift,
  • Joy'd in the beauty thy art has made clear,
  • 20Wonder if heaven more fair may appear.
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Manuscript Addition: Inchbold
Editorial Description: WMR's pencil notation below the text
  • Silent has hurried the world as it passed
  • Gifts that were rare & wantonly cast
  • Paused scarcely any contented to find
  • Wealth that ennobles the pure of mankind.
  • Loved to the last! whilst as the seasons go by
  • Waves shall breathe ever rememberingly,
  • Winds shall make music around thy green grave,
  • Whilst Beauty shall marvel her hand could not save.
J. W. I.
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
Copyright: Published with the permission of Iziko Museums of Cape Town