The London Daily News for 1856

Bradbury and Evans (publisher)

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Document Title: Daily News
Publisher: W. Bradbury and F.M. Evans
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1856
Volume: 11
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Scholarly Commentary


According to WMR in Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Designer and Writer , “I understand that Mr. Elliot, a journalist who was on amicable terms with Madox Brown and Rossetti, allowed the latter to contribute to his newspaper (without raising any overt question of actual authorship, which thus passed as being Elliot's) an article about certain pictures, all or most of them by Brown, including especially some work or works then on exhibition in the gallery of the Liverpool Academy....if I am not mistaken, the paper with which Mr. Elliot was connected was The Daily News. If a file of that journal for September 1856 were searched, the article thus referred to might probably be traced.” (p. 139-40). The article in question appeared in the “Fine Arts” section of the paper on Tuesday, September 9, 1856.

In the following year, DGR contributed another article on Madox Brown to the biographical dictionary, Men of the Time .

Textual History: Composition

In a letter to Madox Brown written on September 6, 1856, DGR remarks, “The article is to be written to-day, chiefly about the Liverpool pictures, and will no doubt be published in a day or two.” See DGR as Designer and Writer , p. 139

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