Love-Lily and Other Songs by D. G. Rossetti

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Edward Dannreuther

General Description

Date: 1884
Sources of the Work:
Literary Source: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Edward Dannreuther London and New York Novello, Ewer and Co. [i-vi], 1-21


Scholarly Commentary


Edward Dannreuther (1844-1905), German pianist and composer, settled in England in 1863 and became acquainted with Rossetti and his circle. After being an early critic of Wagner, he later championed Wagner's music and translated his essay "On Conducting" ("Ueber das Dirigiren") in 1869. Dannreuther founded the London Wagner Society in 1874. He also set some of William Morris' poetry to music, producing Golden Guendolen and Other Songs and In the Hawthorn Brake and Other Songs in 1884.



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