Dante Gabriel Rossetti, An Illustrated Memorial of His Life and Art

H. C. Marillier

General Description

Date: 1899
Genre: critical study

Scholarly Commentary


This early study of DGR's art work by Henry Currie Marillier (1865-1951), like WMR's 1895 biography, will remain a standard resource. Not only is it a distinguished work in itself, it preserves a record of a certain kind of art appreciation that has immense critical and historical value.

The book itself—that is to say, the first edition—is a prime example of the book arts of the aesthetic movement, which DGR's work in book design did so much to create. It is a handsome folio volume with elaborate decorative gold stamping on dark green covers—the design is clearly an allusion to the volumes that DGR designed for his poems published in 1870 and 1881.

Marillier brought out a second edition (octavo), revised and abridged, in 1904. The latter drops away nearly all of the first edition's several hundred excellent reproductions (in black and white and sepia).

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