Homme d'armes

Camille Bonnard


Physical Description

Medium: engraving

Production Description

Production Date: 1829


Current Location: Indiana University Library

Sources of the Work

Pictorial Object: The Finding of the Holy Cross
Artist: Pinturrichio
Other Information: Camille Bonnard notes that this scene was taken from Pinturrichio's fresco in the Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome.

Scholarly Commentary


Eriko Yamaguchi has identified the page represented in this plate, “Homme d'armes”, from Bonnard's Costumes Historiques as a pictorial source for the figures of young boys in Rossetti's Salutation of Beatrice (1849-1850) and To Caper Nimbly in a Lady's Chamber .


  • Bonnard, Costumes Historiques, 31-32 (plate 13).
  • Yamaguchi, Rossetti's Use of Bonnard's Costumes Historiques, 5-36.
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