Paul Mercuri


Physical Description

Medium: engraving

Production Description

Production Date: 1829


Current Location: Indiana University Library

Sources of the Work

Pictorial Object: Miracle of Saint Bernardine
Artist: Pinturrichio
Other Information: Camille Bonnard identifies the source of Mercuri's engraving as Pinturrichio's fresco in the church Santa Maria in Aracoeli, located in Rome.

Scholarly Commentary


Eriko Yamaguchi has identified this plate, “Podestat”, from Bonnard's Costumes Historiques as a pictorial source for the figures of an old priest in Retro Me Sathana! , and one of the companions in The First Anniversary of the Death of Beatrice . The figure's necklace, or chain of office, appears on a man in Taurello's First Sight of Fortune , and in Ruth and Boaz .


DGR may have first seen this figure when it was copied by Ford Madox Brown in Wycliffe Reading His Translation of the New Testament , painted in the winter of 1847-48 (Yamaguchi, Rossetti's Use of Bonnard's Costumes Historiques, 9).


  • Bonnard, Costumes Historiques, 21-22 (plate 7).
  • Yamaguchi, Rossetti's Use of Bonnard's Costumes Historiques, 5-36.
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