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Document Title: Double Sonnet to the Painter D. G. Rossetti, Suggested by his Picture “The Girlhood of Mary Virgin”
Author: John Orchard
Date of Composition: 1849 August
Type of Manuscript: fair copy
Scribe: John Orchard

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page: [1]
  • Musing, not seldom to my eye of mind
  • Thy picture comes from thence (transition sure)
  • Thy mind I read, & feel reflection pure
  • Each of the other is Christ-entwined.
  • Thy placid faith, from worldly taint refined,
  • Is shown in Mary Virgin's lilied purity;
  • And, by the books whereon the lily's shrined,
  • Is told, broad-based past all obscurity,
  • The virtues thou believest thou must act.
  • 10 The palm with briar embraced doth express
  • Heaven thy aim, though death toils hedge the way.
  • In holy Joachim, of eye exact,
  • Is known thy rigid truth can lop excess.
  • Without the Spirit's presence doth pourtray
page: [2]
  • Thy guileless modesty of soul; full sure
  • It prompts thy flight: but, not too vain,
  • Yet in the porch thou mindest to remain.
  • Unless the Spirit freely doth endure,
  • Well thou deemest no Godward course secure.
  • 20 The lily-watering Angel doth explain
  • To childlike innocence thou canst attain.
  • Also, 'i the work he doeth, is shown mature
  • In wisdom, quiet, & earnest, all thy heart
  • Is set to do thy task. By lily-white
  • Is told the chasteness of thy sensuous eye:
  • And the pictured whole—its symbol doth impart
  • That all of each for thee hath tongue of light
  • Christ-utterance, & truths God-high.
By M r John Orchard
Electronic Archive Edition: 1