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Document Title: The Dream of Dante. A Picture by D. G. Rossetti
Author: Unknown
Date of Composition: 1874 November 11
Type of Manuscript: holograph fair copy

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The Dream of Dante. A Picture by D. G. Rossetti

  • Over the dreamful poppies onward move,
  • Dante, by love conducted, to the bier
  • Where she lies lovelier, more divinely dear,
  • Whom love and death have kissed. Ah deem not love
  • Undone, though broke the blossom; lo, the dove,
  • The mystic presence floating there and here,
  • And far beyond the dim death-troubled sphere
  • Of earth thy Beatrice borne above.
  • Hold up, fair women, the flower-sprinkled veil
  • 10That he may gaze, the arrow in his heart,
  • Until the sight of that supreme release—
  • Hands meekly folded, forehead pure and pale,
  • And lips that faintly smiling seem to part
  • In benediction,—say: I am in peace.

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