Poeti del primo secolo della lingua italiana

Lodovico Valeriani

Urbano Lampredi

General Description

Date: 1816
Genre: anthology

Scholarly Commentary


This two-volume collection of early Italian poetry was one of DGR's principal sources for the translations he made and eventually published in The Early Italian Poets (1861). DGR's own copy of this work survives (both Volume 1 and Volume 2).

The books are notable for the marginalia of Gabriele Rossetti, of DGR, and finally of WMR, who inherited the books after DGR's death. DGR's notes in Volume 1 are not extensive (appearing only at pages 5, 87, 285, 451 and perhaps 88). But in Volume 2 his notes and marginalia are extensive. Particularly interesting is the marginalia in the section of the volume containing poetry by or attributed to Cavalcanti. At the end of the book, on a blank page, DGR has inscribed his translation of an important passage from Dante's Purgatorio (IX. 94-99).

Gabriele Rossetti's annotations and textual revisions are also interesting. One frequent annotation involves his interpretation of a hidden code in words ending in “co”

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