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Document Title: Sonnets of Three Centuries
Author: T. Hall Caine, editor
Date of publication: 1882
Publisher: Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row

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  • HERE writ was the World's History by his hand
  • Whose steps knew all the earth; albeit his
  • world
  • In these few piteous paces then was furled.
  • Here daily, hourly, have his proud feet spanned
  • This smaller speck than the receding land
  • Had ever shown his ships; what time he hurled
  • Abroad o'er new-found regions spiced and pearled
  • His country's high dominion and command.
  • Here dwelt two spheres. The vast terrestrial zone
  • 10His spirit traversed; and that spirit was
  • Itself the zone celestial, round whose birth
  • The planets played within the zodiac's girth;
  • Till hence, through unjust death unfeared, did pass
  • His spirit to the only land unknown.
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