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Document Title: Flower Pieces and Other Poems
Author: William Allingham
Date of publication: 1888
Publisher: Reeves and Turner
Printer: Billing and Sons
Edition: 1

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Figure: Etching of DGR's drawing that illustrates Allingham's poem.
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Figure: Etching of DGR's drawing. The old King leads his young Queen on a walk in a garden; the Queen looks back at the young Page, who carries the train of her dress.
page: 189
The Queen's Page.

From Heiner
  • There was a King, an old King,
  • Chill his heart, and gray his head;
  • And that poor King, that old King,
  • A sweet young wife must wed.
  • There was a Page, a young Page,
  • Light of heart, and bright of hair;
  • And that fair Page, that young Page,
  • The young Queen's train must bear.
  • But dost thou know the old song,
  • 10Old story, sad to tell?—
  • Death they found, they needs must die,
  • Who loved each other well.
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