Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Painter Poet of Heaven in Earth: Rossetti Archive Document

R. L. Mégroz

Production Description

Document Title: Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Painter Poet of Heaven in Earth
Author: R. L. Megroz
Publisher: Faber & Gwyer
Printer: Chiswick Press
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1929


Catalog Number: pr5246.m4


  • Wise, The Ashley Library IV. 109-11.
  • Fennell, Annotated Bibliography 235.

Scholarly Commentary


Essentially a work of biography and biographical criticism, Mégroz's volume emphasizes the intersections of DGR's life and work. As the author puts it in his introduction, “his life and works are reflections of each other, and both are reflections of an extraordinarily fixed personality.” (vii). Mégroz prints two stanzas of DGR's early poem on Napoleon, entitled “The End of It”, which was written June 18, 1845. Mégroz takes his text from Wise'sCatalogue of the Ashley Library (1922).

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