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Document Title: Autobiographical Notes of the Life of William Bell Scott, Volume 1
Author: W. Minto, editor
Date of publication: 1892
Publisher: Harper and Brothers

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page: 290
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  • Sister, arise: We have no more to sing
  • Or say: The priest abideth as is meet,
  • To minister. Rise up out of thy seat,
  • Though peradventure 'tis an irksome thing
  • To cross again the threshold of our king,
  • Where his doors stand against the evil street,
  • And let each step increase upon our feet
  • The dust we shook from them at entering.
  • Must we of very sooth go hence? The air,
  • 10 Whose heat outside makes mist that can be seen,
  • page: 291
  • Is very clear and cool where we have been;
  • The priest abideth ministering, lo,
  • As he for service, why not we for prayer?
  • It is so bidden, sister, let us go.
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by the bye, do you mean after all to settle in London again, or to go out at some distant period in Newcastle, and have written over you—
  • “Here lies Dunscotus
  • Who died of lotus”?
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