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Document Title: Commonplace Book of Alice Hawkins Ramsden
Author: Alice Hawkins Ramsden
Date of Composition: 1881-1928
Type of Manuscript: miscellaneous collection
Scribe: Alice Hawkins Ramsden

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page: 78
Nonsense Rhymes. composed by D. G. Rossetti
Taken from the pencil notes of Lady Burne-Jones

who wrote them down as D. G. R. composed them
On Agnew Bros: Picture Dealers
  • There are certain 2 brothers called Agnew,
  • Whose soft soap could wash an old rag new,
  • The Father of Lies
  • With his tail to his eyes
  • Cries, ‘Go it, Bill Agnew, Tom Agnew!’

On Burne-Jones
  • There is a poor Painter called Jones,
  • (A laugh here, with hisses & groans)
  • The course of his life is a pang to his wife
  • And a plague to the neighbours of Jones
page: 79
Rossetti rhymes continued
  • There is a poor painter called Jones,
  • For whose conduct no genius atones.
  • The frame of his mind
  • Is a shame to mankind
  • But a subject of triumph to Jones.

On Val Princep (a great friend)
  • There is a Creator called God,
  • Who sometimes goes in for the odd,
  • I maintain and I shall—
  • That the creature called Val
  • Reflects but small credit on God.
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D. G. Rossetti
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