Commonplace Book of Alice Hawkins Ramsden

Alice Hawkins Ramsden

Production Description

Document Title: [Commonplace Book of Alice Hawkins Ramsden]
Author: Alice Hawkins Ramsden
Date of composition: 1881-1928
Type of Manuscript: miscellaneous collection
Collation: 1-11, 18-27, 29-82, [82x, 82xx]; remainder blank, numbered 83-102
Note: The pages are numbered in pencil.
Scribe: Alice Hawkins Ramsden
Corrector: Alice Hawkins Ramsden


Current Location: Library of Jerome McGann

Physical Description

Cover: puce cloth with decorative embossed image pasted on front cover
Endpapers: decorated yellow
Paper: white ruled
Dimensions of Document: 4 3/8 x 3 1/2 in.

Scholarly Commentary


Alice Ramsden was a great friend of Margaret Mackail, daughter of Burne-Jones. This collection of quotations, aphorisms etc. contains four of DGR's limericks in texts that vary from the ones that decend to us from the usual printed sources. The limericks appear to have been copied in at a relatively late date.

Textual History: Composition

In the two epigrams on Burne-Jones copied here, Ramsden's texts mix lines that the received printed texts separate. The situation suggests that DGR, in his recitations, may well have transferred and substituted lines on different occasions.

Electronic Archive Edition: 1
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