William J. Stillman

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1870
Model: William J. Stillman


◦ Surtees, A Catalogue Raisonné, vol. 1, 197 (no. 518).

Scholarly Commentary


There is some confusion about this drawing. Surtees describes it thus: “Sometimes said to be a study for the head of Christ . . . Head facing to front, hair falling to the ears; fine moustache, pointed beard; bare shoulders” and says it is reproduced as the frontispiece of Stillman's Autobiography of a Journalist, 1901, volume ii (A Catalogue Raisonné, vol. 1, 197). However, her description in no way matches the frontispiece found there, which features Stillman with full a mustache and beard, clad in a shirt, vest and jacket, facing left (See frontispiece). Her description does sound similar to another drawing of Stillman from the same year.

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