Binding Design: Goblin Market and other Poems (1865)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: Smooth, plain, bluish-purple cloth boards. Design blocked in gold on upper cover and spine, blind stamped on back cover. Reddish-brown endpapers.
Dimensions: 6 9/10 x 4 3/5 in.

Production Description

Production Date: 1865

Scholarly Commentary


The design differs slightly but significantly from the design of the first (1862) edition of CR's book of poems. In the 1865 printing DGR “shortened the two horizontal lines and the outside vertical line so that they meet at right angles about half-an-inch in from the edges of the book. . .stressing the spine's importance as the point of balance between the book's back and front” (Grieve,“Applied Art 2”, 79). CR's publisher Macmillan used the second design on a number of her later books (the editions he published of various volumes in 1875, 1881, 1890, and 1891).


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