Jane Morris seated in plush chair

Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Parsons

1865 June

Physical Description

Medium: photography
Technique: collodion print
Dimensions: 23.6 x 18.8 cm
Other Physical Features: Another version of this picture in the Victoria and Albert collection measures 18 x 14.3 cm. (Record No. 1743.1939).

Production Description

Production Date: 1865 June
Exhibition History: R.A., 1973; Pre-Raphaelite Photography, A British Council Exhibition (1983)


Current Location: Victoria and Albert Museum
Catalog Number: 825/42

Scholarly Commentary


Mrs. Morris outdoors, slumped in plush chair facing the camera, under cloth canopy. Her left hand is curled back over her left shoulder, her right rests on her knee. Off to the right edge of the picture is visible a chair with a shawl or some sort of drapery thrown over it. A second print, closer cropped and printed lighter, is identified in the Victoria and Albert records as an original (1865) print; this identified as a modern copy.

The picture is closely related to “Jane Morris reclining on divan”, which incorporates the same setting from a radically different point of view.


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Jane Morris seated in plush chair
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