Dante and Beatrice

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1869
Sources of the Work:
Pictorial Object: Dante and Beatrice
Artist: DGR

Scholarly Commentary


Charles Fairfax Murray titled this sketch “Dante & Beatrice” on the sheet's verso side, where DGR has a cancelled copy of his sonnet Willowwood I. The sheet with the drawing is bound up in the Fitzwilliam manuscript of The House of Life. It is possible that the drawing and the sonnet may have had some relation in DGR's mind. Since the drawing represents the same scene as that depicted in the left panel of the early version of The Salutation of Beatrice, this may be a sketch toward a picture that DGR conceived but never executed.

Production History

The sheet of paper bearing the sketch is one of several carrying texts that can be confidently dated around June 1869.

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