La Donna Della Finestra (finished drawing) [print]


1855-1913 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: Charcoal and beige print mounted on beige board
Dimensions: Board: 36.5 x 33 cm; print: 26 x 22 cm

Production Description

Production Date: 1855-1913 (circa)


Current Location: Delaware Art Museum

Scholarly Commentary


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  • Elzea, Bancroft and Related Collections, 211.
La Donna Della Finestra (finished drawing) [print]
Copyright: ©Delaware Art Museum, Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Memorial.

Included Text



Note: There are identical blue inked Bancroft stamps on the verso, one in the top left, and another at the center.
Page 160, “D.G. Rossetti,” by H.C. Marillier, 1899. “La Donna della Finestra.” “Two studies were made in 1870. This one may be slightly the earlier of the two.” p.197. “It shows the figure only, and differs in some respects, espec- ially the arrangement of the hands”, from the real picture. “The Lady of Pity.”
Note: This text is typed in black on a rectangular piece of paper affixed to the verso. It is a misquotation of Marillier's assessment.
Manuscript Addition:

1870 (#232) Marillier

Editorial Description: At top left corner. Date and number written in brown ink, with the name written in cursive pencil.
Editorial Note: The reference is to the appendix of Marillier's book, DGR: An Illustrated Memorial .
Manuscript Addition: Sketch for “Our Lady of Pity”
Editorial Description: Cursive pencil, at bottom center.
Manuscript Addition: 255D 45
Editorial Description: Pencil, at bottom left corner.
Manuscript Addition: 20
Editorial Description: In pencil, at top left corner of verso. Circled.
Manuscript Addition: 30
Editorial Description: Pencil, at top left of verso. Boxed.
Manuscript Addition: S 255D
Editorial Description: Pencil, at lower left of verso.
Editorial Note: The reference is to the work's catalogue number in Surtees, A Catalogue Raisonné .
Manuscript Addition: 19B
Editorial Description: Pencil, at bottom left corner of verso.
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
File Name: sa702.s255d.rap.xml