Hesterna Rosa [print]

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1857-1913 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: photoprint (charcoal and gold/cream) mounted on brittle beige board.
Dimensions: Print: 13.5 x 19.5 cm.; Board: 35.6 x 45.5 cm.
Note: Top left corner of board is separated from the whole and is included in the folder. On the back, there are numerous dark finger prints.

Production Description

Production Date: 1857-1913 (circa)


Current Location: Delaware Art Museum

Scholarly Commentary


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Hesterna Rosa [print]
Copyright: ©Delaware Art Museum, Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection

Included Text

Samuel Bancroft, Jr.,


Wilmington, Delaware.
Note: This is the text of a blue inked stamp at center of verso.
Manuscript Addition: Dante Rossetti. #28, Marillier, 1853. p. 40. / 3.; / Hesterna Rosa –. Original belongs to G.P. Boyce.
Editorial Description: Written in pencil, cursive, on recto. The reference is to Marillier, DGR: An Illustrated Memorial , 40.
Editorial Note: In the bottom right of recto, the signature of WM Rossetti appears in black ink.
Manuscript Addition: 5/73; Dunn 17; 58; Hesterna Rosa
Editorial Description: Written in pencil, cursive, at top of verso. “73” is boxed; “58” is circled.
Manuscript Addition: BX / S. 57.
Editorial Description: Written in pencil on bottom left. The reference is to Surtees, A Catalogue Raisonné , vol. 1, 21-22 (no. 57).
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
File Name: sa762.s57.rap.xml