The Passover in the Holy Family [print]

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1870-1913 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: photoprint (color) mounted on white construction paper matte
Dimensions: Print: 23 x 25 cm.; Board (paper): 40.7 x 30.5 cm.
Note: Digital images of the overlay verso and the picture panel versoare available. Vertical and horizontal pencil marks extend from the cut-out picture window on overlay verso. The verso of the overlay has a square of white paper stapled to the right edge of the matte. A beige rectangle is mounted to the bottom right corner of the main panel verso. Brown bordering divides the rectangle into thirds. The print opens like a card with left framing panel; the picture is mounted on the inside of right panel.

Production Description

Production Date: 1870-1913 (circa)
Note: from a photograph by Hollyer


Current Location: Delaware Art Museum

Scholarly Commentary


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The Passover in the Holy Family [print]
Copyright: ©Delaware Art Museum, Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection

Included Text

Sprinkling the Lintel.

Water color painted in 1857, and exhibited in 1858.

Owned by George Rae.

Zacharias sprinkles the door and lintel with blood

from the bown which Christ holds, while

Mary gathers the bitter herbs for the Passover. Joseph has

brought the lamb, and Elizabeth lights the pyre. The shoes which John

fastens upon the feet of Jesus are

also part of the ritual.

This water color is done in the manner of the true

Pre-Raphaelite work of Rossetti, with simplicity and careful detail,

after the type of design in the Annun-ciation etc. He

never surpassed in later years the

charm of these early water colors.
Note: These typed lines appear on a square of white paper stapled to the bottom right verso of the overlay.
Colour Print by Fredk. Hollyer

9 Pembroke Square, Kensington, W.
Note: This the text on a beige rectangle mounted to the panel verso. Brown bordering divides the panel into thirds. This note was typed, not stamped, on the top third of the rectangle.
Manuscript Addition: passover;
Editorial Description: Written on the inside of overlay, across top of cut-out frame, in pencil, cursive.
Manuscript Addition: Sprinkling the Lintel / D.G. Rossetti.
Editorial Description: Written on the middle third of the rectangle in black ink, cursive.
Manuscript Addition: No. 2. Fred k Hollyer
Editorial Description: Number and signature of Hollyer in brown type and black ink.
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
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