The Harp Player

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1857 (circa)
Model: Annie Miller
Sources of the Work:
Location: Present whereabouts unknown; sold at Sotheby's (18 March 1971, item 128) and again from the Maas Gallery (June 1996).

Scholarly Commentary


The only known version of this picture is the drawing DGR sold to the bank clerk W. H. Doeg in 1872. In a letter to Doeg (5 November 1872) DGR writes “I would not know what name to give the sketch except a matter-of-fact one—The Harp Player. I am very busy and my taking it up depends on my finding a free day, but I doubt not this will be soon” ( Fredeman, Correspondence, 72. 107 ).

This figure appears as an old woman in the same pose in the several versions of DGR's Return of Tibullus to Delia.

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