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Document Title: Legendae Catholicae. A Lytle Boke of Seyntlie Gestes
Author: W. B. D. D. Turnbull
Date of publication: 1840
Publisher: Edinburgh Printing Company
Edition: 1

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Legendæ Catholicæ




  • “ — to heuen God your soules sende
  • That readeth this boke ouer all
  • Chryst couer you with his mantell perpetuall”
Cocke Lorell's Bote



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  • So reynable ~t queint ſche was
  • Of witt ~t of dede
  • That ich man hadde of ſo ȝong thing
  • Wonder ~t eke drede
  • Sche nas neuer ſen ones wroth
  • No leiȝeand ones gon
  • No miſſigge to no man
  • Bot euer more in on
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  • Sche ſuewed ~t ſpan ~t kembede alſo
  • 10Bothe wollen ~t linne
  • Other erthelich gode hadde ſche non
  • Her liiflade for to winne
  • Ich werke days bi riȝt tides
  • Euen ſche deled on thre
  • Ich morwe fort vnder were
  • In her bedes ſche wald be
  • And fram vnder to mid ouer none
  • To hir werk ſche wald ſitt
  • Weuen or ſpinne or ſewe
  • 20Gode ſche was of witt
  • Fort euen ſche was in hir beden
  • With word ~t with thouȝt
  • An angel come to her eueriday
  • And fram heuen hir mete brouȝt
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  • Litel other mete men ſeiȝe hir ete
  • Ac that ſche wrouȝt with hir hond
  • Among pouer ſche delt it ich del
  • And liued bi Godes ſond
  • When ſche of ani ſike herd telle
  • 30Anon to hem ſche went
  • And comfort hem ~t made hem hole
  • Thurch the grace that God hir ſent
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