Her First Season

William Michael Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1849
Rhyme: a5b5b5a5 a5b5b5a5c5 d5e5c5d5e5
Meter: iambic
Genre: sonnet


◦ Fredeman 145-148

◦ Fredeman, The P.R.B. Journal 46

Scholarly Commentary


The sonnet is WMR's. It was included, according to WMR, in order to fill in the space at the end of his review (see Fredeman, The P.R.B. Journal, entry for 28 December 1849). The title focuses the wit of the poem, which means to contrast the London social “Season” and its marketting of women with the seasons of “nature”. WMR may well have written the sonnet to pair with Patmore's “The Seasons”, printed earlier in the same number.

Printing History

First printed in The Germ no. 1, page 46.

Electronic Archive Edition: 1