Poems, Privately Printed: Second Trial Book, Alice Boyd/Lasner copy.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Production Description

Document Title: Poems, Privately Printed.
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Printer: Strangeways and Walden
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1869 November 25
Pre-Publication Information: This is the second trial book, in the second state.
Pagination: [i-x], pp [1]-[232], [26 pages of added later proofs]
Authorization: DGR
Collation: [x] 5, B - P 8, Q 4, [xx], [xxx] 2, [xxxx] 2, [xxxxx] 8.
Corrector: DGR


Current Location: Mark Samuels Lasner collection
Note: This was Alice Boyd's copy of the Second Trial Book.

Physical Description

Point: 8
Lines per Page: 29
Dimensions of Document: crown octavo, 18.5 x 12.1 cm


  • Lewis, The Trial Book Fallacy, 186.
  • Wise, The Ashley Library, VIII. 125-126.
  • Troxell, “The Trial Books”, 184-187.
  • Fraser, “The Rossetti Collection of Janet Camp Troxell”, 163-164.
  • Burnett, The Ashley Catalogue, I. 71-72.

Scholarly Commentary


This is an instance of the second state of the Second Trial Book . It lacks the original front matter, and has bound in at the back a set of twenty-six proof pages that represent: 1. pages 221-222, 187-190 of First Edition Proof , with corrections; 2. two unnumbered proof pages with corrections of “Love-Sweetness” and “He and I” (Lewis's Proof State 16); 3. a complete set (no corrections) of the sixteen-page proof (Lewis's Proof State 15) of “The Stream's Secret” plus four sonnets (see the Ashley copy of this late separate proof). Like the other Second Trial books, second state, it was printed around 25 November 1869 to incoporate the changes DGR had introduced into the first set of proofs pulled in early to mid-November.

This copy has Alice Boyd's signature at the front as well as her handwritten text of a title page for the book plus a handwritten index of its contents. She would have added the front matter, as her title page indicates, in December 1869. The final six items on this handwritten index are added by DGR himself, listing the proofs that come at the end of the body of this Second Trial Book. This shows that he gave them to her later, probably in the late spring of 1870 when he was finishing his additions and corrections for the publication of his book, and that the whole collection of materials was bound together at some later time.

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Copyright: Used with permission of Mark Samuels Lasner