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Document Title: The Virgin Mary, Auchinleck Manuscript
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1847
Type of Manuscript: holograph fair copy

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Note: The poem is written in two vertical columns.
Manuscript Addition: Gabriel's poem on the other side has / been published—but not I think / during his life
Editorial Description: WMR's pencil note along right margin
  • So reinable and wise she was
  • Both of wit and of deed,
  • That each man had of the young thing
  • Wonder and eke dread.
  • She was never seen once wroth
  • Nor lying once known,
  • Nor dealt amiss with any man,
  • But evermore held on.
  • She sewed and spun and combed also
  • 10Both the wool and the linne:
  • Other earthly good had she none
  • Her life for to win.
  • All work days, all the while
  • She worked constantly;
  • Each morning, ere the day wore on,
  • At her beads she would be.
  • From under to mid-overnoon
  • At her work she would sit,
  • Weaving or spinning or sewing:
  • 20Good she was of wit.
  • Each evening she was at her beads
  • With word and with thought:
  • An angel came to her every day
  • And from Heaven her meat brought.
  • Little else men saw her eat:
  • All the work that she made
  • Among poor folk she portioned out
  • And lived by God's aid.

  • Column Break

  • When she of any sick heard tell,
  • 30Anon to them she went,
  • And comforted and made them whole
  • By the grace that God sent.

(Auchinleck M.S. 12 - 1300)
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Copyright: Published with the permission of Iziko Museums of Cape Town