Avvegna m'abbia piú volte per tempo

Alternately titled: Avvegna ched el m'aggia piú per tempo

Cino da Pistoia

General Description

Date: 1293
Meter: hendecasyllabics and septenarii
Genre: canzone

Scholarly Commentary


DGR's source for this canzone was the text in Trucchi's Poesie Italiana inedite (I. 290-293), which is corrupt. For a good modern edition see Marti's Poeti del dolce stil nuovo (pages 720-725).

See commentary for DGR's translation.

Textual History: Composition

DGR transcribed several passages from this canzone, to which he was much attracted. See the verso of his transcription of “Nel tempo santo non viddio mai petra”, as well as DGR's pastiche verse construction “Piangendo star con l'anima smarrita”, which is built from several passages taken from the canzone.

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