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Document Title: Sonnet (to Dante Alighieri). He conceives of some Compensation in Death
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1848
Type of Manuscript: holograph draft

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  • Dante whenever this thing happeneth,
  • That amorous longing is bereft of hope,
  • ( The while I seek Seeking in vain, at ladies' eyes that some scope
  • Of joy, which for which [?] draws peaceful breath through words the heart for ever saith)
  • I ask thee, is it recompensed by then, comfort I need can amends be made in Death?
  • Is such sad pass its last extremity?
  • Or may the Soul that never feared to die
  • Then in another body draw new breath?
  • For Lo! thus it is through her who governs all
  • 10 Below—that I who entered at her door
  • Now at the her dreadful window must fare forth.
  • Yes Yea, and I think through her it doth befall
  • That even ere yet the road is travelled o'er
  • My bones are weary and life is nothing worth
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