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Document Title: Sonnet ("O thou whose name being alone aloud") (corrected draft manuscript)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1848
Type of Manuscript: holograph corrected draft copy
Scribe: DGR

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  • O thou whose name, being alone, aloud
  • I utter oft, and though thou art not there,
  • Perceive thy pictured presence fill the air,—
  • O art thou from thy Heaven-home towards me bow'd?
  • What [???] would not accept Why vainly now poor wretch desire the shroud
  • And gladly yearn to yield thy whole of life's most bitter wane
  • Only to listen to thy voice again?
  • So Love should unto Death sink plumed & proud.
  • Afar from With many thoughts of many hours removed
  • 10Stand here alone, as in this chamber one that where erst were two:
  • The glass stands empty of all things it knew
  • Yet Memory hath sweet Memory here her hath not Memory here a power approved
  • As balmy as the breath of her you loved
  • When deep between her breasts it came to you.
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