Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: Paint Mixing Instructions(2) (Texas MS)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1867? 1862?
Type of Manuscript: corrected copy

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Lay in with violet carmine,

modelling the thing completely

& forcibly but taking care not

to get it dark or heavy.

Main flesh tint—mixture

of Orange Vermilion & Shoutian

Yellow with white. For Grays, chiefly Malachite & white

also Raw Umber & white.

The two mixtures — 1. Cobalt

& Vermilion — 2. Violet

Carmine & Indian Red —a

good deal used throughout,

the former in lighter, the

latter in deeper tints.—

particularly in

The hair to be begun with

the deeper tint above after

the first
Indian Red put in

lightly over the Violet Carmine,

& then the lights touched on

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Solidly, where strongest, with

white, but not at all so

as to model the whole to

a pasty body colour. After

this, drag Yellow Ochre

freely and drily with a

hog-hair brush. After this

it will be well to leave the

hair till an advanced stage

of the drawing, at which time

it will require a very thin

& slight general wash of

B t Sienna. It should then

be worked up carefully with

the deep negatier purple

& with Yellow Ochre again,

using Raw Umber mixed with

white to subdue the colour

where too positive. Finally

a touch or two of deep

Naples Yellow may be needed,

but this very sparingly.

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