The Germ (1901 Facsimile Reprint, issue 4)

William Michael Rossetti (editor)

Production Description

Document Title: The Germ; thoughts towards nature in poetry, literature and art; being a facsimile reprint of the literary organ of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, published in 1850, with an introduction by William Michael Rossetti. [1901]
Editor: William Michael Rossetti
Publisher: Elliot Stock
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1901
Pagination: [i-iv], 145-192 + 1.
Issue: 4
Note on Publication: As originally issued this reprint edition appeared in five separate fascicles, the first containing WMR's "Preface", the last four containing each of the four numbers of the original periodical.


Current Location: Alderman Library Special Collections
Catalog Number: ap4.g415

Physical Description

Cover: The 1901 edition accidently reverses the back wrappers for the February and March issues.

Scholarly Commentary


This is the fourth (May) number of the four that were originally published. The facsimile tried to reproduce the original periodical as closely as possible not only in its textual elements, but in its bibliographical features as well. The edition was issued in five parts: four close physical facsimiles of each of the four numbers of the original periodical (in paper covers as the original numbers), plus WMR's important "Preface" to the edition.

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