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Document Title: Manuscript Pieces: Ashley A3862
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1873, 1881
Type of Manuscript: manuscript letter with enclosed verse and prose note

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Note: Letter to Theodore Watts-Dunton, 23 February 1873. DGR adds two new stanzas for his poem “The Cloud Confines” to the end of his letter.
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Transcription Gap: two manuscript pages of a letter to Watts (available in print)
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Note: DGR intended these to be stanzas 3 and 4 of the poem, and asks Watts immediately below them: “Do you think these stanzas a gain or not?” He has numbered them accordingly.
  • The Present is but one coil
  • Of a snake wherewith we strive:
  • It clings to all things alive
  • But drops then dead to the soil:
  • And yet it keeps as it goes
  • Some print of our moulding throes,
  • Some change from the vanished foes
  • Whose crown it wears for a spoil.
  • Still we say as we go, —
  • &c.—
  • 10Even as we writhe and strain,
  • The Future is onward roll'd
  • In the snake's course, fold on fold:
  • Yet ah! do we 'scape the chain?
  • Or shall not each life forth-hurl'd
  • Again in new flesh be furl'd,
  • And what we made of the world
  • Fall back on ourselves again?
  • Still we say as we go,—
  • &c.—
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Note: This is an advertisement DGR wrote but never used for the publication of his two 1881 volumes of poetry.
Mr. D. G. R. has in the press a volume

of Ball entitled “Ballads and Sonnets.”

It consists of ballads romantic and histrorical,

and of the a completed series of the

House of Life, with other sonnets and lyrics.

The issue/first volume of “Poems” by the

same author will also be immediately

An augmented reissue of the

same author's prior volume of “Poems” is

also in preparation, ? the book having

been for some time out of print.
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