Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: To D. G. R.
Author: Edmund Bates
Date of Composition: 1879 September 7
Type of Manuscript: holograph

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D: G: R:

(A first interview impending.)

  • I've seen the spirit 'shrined in endless shapes
  • And tinctures, natural;
  • Where not one charm Love's vigilance escapes!
  • Her fascinating cunning all things drapes
  • In summer-sunshine's sweetest bibs & frills
  • Whose feeblest ray life's common places kills
  • Joy kindling, at thy call.

  • I've sought æsthetic culture at thy feet—
  • True Art's Gamaliel—
  • 10Spirituous sympathies as strong as sweet
  • Issuing thy rare pre-eminence to greet!
  • I've whiled away sore trials 'neath thy spell
  • Of Art-enchantment, counsel ne'er could quell
  • A thousandth part so well.

  • And, shall I grasp thy wonder-working hands
  • Or kiss the 'broidery
  • Of garment meet wherein that Spirit stands
  • Revealed to near & far-off times & lands?
  • Witnessing, with the few, inspired skill
  • 20The outside crowd-rapt slaves of Plutus—still
  • Blasphemous, avoiding thee.
E. B.

Farnham, Yorks:

September 7 A:D:1879
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
Source File: bate001.sangms.rad.xml
Copyright: Published with the permission of Iziko Museums of Cape Town