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Document Title: Letter to Frederick Shields, 21 May 1880
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1880 May 21
Type of Manuscript: letter
Scribe: DGR

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My dear Shields,
Thanks for your loving words on the sonnet, and thanks most of all for the chance of writing it. I subjoin a revised copy.
I write this line because I expect Mrs. Gilchrist and her son about 5 tomorrow (Saturday) and thought I should tell you so. But I dare say you won't think this forbids work. Hoping to see you,
Your ever affec:

D. G. R.
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William Blake

(To Frederic Shields, on his sketch of Blake's work-room

and death-room, 3 Fountain Court, Strand.)
  • This is the place. Even here the dauntless soul,
  • The unflinching hand, wrought on; till in that nook,
  • As on that very bed, his life partook
  • New birth, and passed. 'Yon river's distant shoal,
  • Whereto the close-built coiling lanes unroll,
  • Faced his work-window, whence his eyes would stare,
  • Thought-wandering, unto nought that met them there,
  • But to the unfettered irreversible goal.
  • This cupboard, Holy of Holies, held the cloud
  • 10 Of his soul writ and limned; this other one,
  • His true wife's charge, full oft to their abode
  • Yielded for daily bread the martyr's stone,
  • Ere yet their food might be that Bread alone,
  • The words now home-speech in the mouth of God.
D. G. Rossetti. 20 May 1880
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