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Document Title: Letter to Hall Caine, 27 July 1880
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1880 July 27
Type of Manuscript: letter
Scribe: DGR

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • His Soul fared forth (as from the deep home-grove
  • The father-songster plies the hourlong quest)
  • To feed his soul-brood hungering in the nest;
  • But his warm Heart, the mother-bird, above
  • Their callow fledgling progeny still hove
  • With tented roof of wings and fostering breast
  • Till the Soul fed the soul-brood. Richly blest
  • From Heaven their growth, whose food was Human Love.
  • Yet ah! Like desert pools that show the stars
  • 10 Once in long leagues,—even such the scarce-snatched hours
  • Which deepening pain left to his lordliest powers:—
  • Heaven lost through spider-trammelled prison-bars!
  • Five years, from seventy saved! Yet kindling skies
  • Own them, a beacon to our centuries.
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