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Document Title: Letter from William Bell Scott to unknown correspondent, August 1869
Author: William Bell Scott
Date of Composition: 1869 August
Type of Manuscript: letter
Scribe: DGR

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Note: The first part of the letter is missing.
I shall enjoy Rossetti's society very

much, and already we are quite

domesticated and each pursuing his

avocations—a little idly no doubt,

but comfortably. He reading me a

sonnet now and then, I have just

thought of transcribing one for you.

It is on the other side and is one

of two, entering & leaving church. The

2 nd you will hear when you are

I forgot my scissors, will you

bring them. On asking your mother

if she has any message I find

she has nothing particular. She

considers our box a small parcel,

but you will write me when you

hear definitely. With kind remembrances

to all I am
Yours W. B. Scott
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The Church Porches. I.

(To M.F.R.)
  • Sister, first shake we off the dust we have
  • Upon our feet, lest it defile the stones
  • Inscriptured, covering their sacred bones
  • Who lie i' the aisles which keep the names they gave,
  • Their trust abiding round them in the grave:—
  • Whom painters paint with silent orisons,
  • And to whom sculptors pray in stone and bronze;—
  • Their voices echo still, like a spent wave.
  • Without here the church bells are but a tune,
  • 10And on the gothic church-door, this hot noon
  • Lays all its heavy sunshine, here without.
  • But having entered in, we shall find there
  • Silence and lighted tapers and deep prayer,
  • And faces of crowned angels all about.

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