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Document Title: Notebook Page (Rosenbach Library)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1880
Type of Manuscript: corrected copy

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  • Who shall say what is said in him
  • With all that he might have been dead in him?
  • Maggior dolore è ben la Ricordanza,
  • O nell' amaro inferno amena stanza?
  • Is Memory most of miseries miserable
  • Or the one flower of ease in bitterest hell?

  • Fashioned with intricate infinity.

  • A sonnet is a moment's monument,—
  • A medal struck to all eternity
  • For one dead deathless hour.

Deleted Text
  • Tragical shadow's realm of cold things sound & sight
  • Conjectured in the lamentable night.

On Burns.

  • In whomsoe'er, since Poesy began,
  • Of all men most of a Poet A Poet most of all men we may scan,
  • Burns of all poets is the most a Man.
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  • Didst ever say, “Lo, I forget”?
  • That thought was to remember yet.
  • As in a gravegarth comst to see
  • The monuments of memory.
  • Be this thy soul's appointed scope:—
  • Gaze onward without claim to hope,
  • Nor, gazing backward, brook regret.

  • Ah! dear one, we were young so long,
  • I thought that youth would never go, &c
  • Ah! dear one, I've been old so long!
  • How long until we meet again? &c

Boccaccio Lib 4 Nov 8

Salvestra; or the two Bridal-biers.

  • How sweet a solace is the bridal-bed,—
  • With dawn prepared, with evening hallowèd.
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