King René's Honeymoon: Sculpture

Edward Burne-Jones, designer

The Morris Firm, manufacturer


Physical Description

Medium: glass
Technique: stained glass

Production Description

Production Date: 1862


Current Location: Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Catalog Number: 518-1953

Scholarly Commentary


King René faces left, wearing a gold robe with a vegetal motif. Queen Isabella stands behind him wringing her hands in distress. She wears a green robe over a red tunic. King René holds a mallet and chisel to a stone sculpture.

Production History

One of four glass panels depicting King René's Honeymoon. The others are Music , designed by DGR, Architecture , designed by Ford Madox Brown, and Painting , designed by Edward Burne-Jones.

King René's Honeymoon: Sculpture
Copyright: © V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum


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