The Railway Station

William Powell Frith


Physical Description

Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 46 x 101 in.
Signature: W.P. Frith
Date on Image: 1862
Note: "W.P. Frith fecͭ 1862" is inscribed on the picture.

Production Description

Production Date: 1862
Exhibition History: Flatow's Haymarket Gallery, April to September of 1862; travelled Britain and Northern Ireland on tour in the 1860's; London International Exhibition, 1872 (no.73); Philadelphia, 1876 (no.48); Paris, Exposition Universelle, 1878 (no.78); R.A. Winter Exhibition, 1911 (no.37); Wembly, British Empire, 1924 (W.21); R.A. Winter Exhibition, 1934 (no.626); Moscow and Leningrad, British painting 1700-1960, 1960 (no.79); Victoria and Albert Museum, The Growth of London A.D. 63-1964, 1964 (G.24); Guildhall Art Gallery, London and the Greater Painters, 1971 (no.32); South London Art Gallery, Mid Victorian Art Draughtsmen and Dreamers, 1971 (no.82); Arts Council, Great Victorian Pictures, 1978 (no.15); Munich, Two Hundred Years of English Painting 1680-1880, 1979-80 (no.372); Agnew's, 1981 (no.12)
Original Cost: Flatow paid £4,500 for the painting and copyright, plus £750 for exclusive exhibition rights


Current Location: Egham, University of London, Royal Holloway Collection
Archival History: commissioned by dealer Louis Victor Flatow; Henry Graves and Co. purchased the work and copyright from Flatow in 1863 for £16,300; purchased from Graves by Thomas Holloway on April 16, 1883 for £2000.

Scholarly Commentary


This tremendously popular picture was widely exhibited. Engravings by Francis Holl and others flooded the print market and made the picture extraordinarily lucrative for the artists, dealers, publishers and print-sellers involved in its creation and marketing.


  • Chapel, Victorian Taste, 87-92.
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