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Document Title: Poems, An Offering to Lancashire
Author: Emily Faithfull (publisher)
Date of publication: 1863
Publisher: Emily Faithfull
Printer: Emily Faithfull, Victoria Press

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Sig. D
  • I have been here before,
  • Though when or how I cannot tell;
  • I know the path beyond the door,
  • The sweet fresh smell,
  • The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.
  • You have been mine before,
  • How long ago I do not know:
  • But just when, at that swallow's soar,
  • Your neck turned so,
  • 10Some veil did fall, I knew it all of yore.
  • Before may be again:
  • Oh! press my eyes into your neck.
  • Shall we not be for ever lain
  • Thus for Love's sake,
  • And sleep, and wake, yet never break the chain.
D. G. Rossetti.
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