Paolo and Francesca da Rimini (replica)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: watercolour
Dimensions: 15 3/4 x 13 in.
Frame: “Francesca da Rimini” is carved in the top bar of the frame, and above this is DGR's circular monogram. Ivy is carved in to the sides of the frame, and two labels, on which text is inscribed, are mounted on the bottom.
Signature: monogram
Note: The monogram is inscribed at lower left.

Production Description

Production Date: 1867
Exhibition History: B.F.A.C., 1883 (no.34); Manchester, Royal Jubilee Exhibition, 1887 (no.1574); Guildhall, 1896; New Gallery, 1897 (no.46); Manchester, 1911 (no.211); Birmingham, 1947 (no.102); State Galleries of Australia, 1962 (no.67); Baden-Baden and Frankfurt, 1969 (no.132)


Current Location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Catalog Number: 3266/4
Archival History: William Graham; Christie's sale April 3, 1886 (lot 110), £404.; W. R. Moss; Colonel W. E. Moss; Mrs. Stolterforth; Mrs. Compton; Leicester Galleries, London; Felton Bequest 1956; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Scholarly Commentary


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Included Text

No greater grief than to remember days

Of joy, when mis'ry is at hand! That kens

Thy learn'd instructor. Yet so eagerly

If thou art bent to know the primal root,

From whence our love gat being, I will do,

As one, who weeps and tells his tale. One day

For our delight we read of Lancelot,

How him love thrall'd. Alone we were, and no

Suspicion near us. Oft times by that reading

Our eyes were drawn together, and the hue

Fled from our alter'd cheek. But at one point

Alone we fell. When of that smile we read,

The wished smile, so rapturously kiss'd

By one so deep in love, then he, who ne'er

From me shall separate, at once my lips

All trembling kiss'd.
Note: This passage, a translation from the fifth canto of Dante's Inferno, is inscribed on the lower part of the frame.


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