Poems by Francesco and Gaetano Polidori

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1853 April 1
Genre: review


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Scholarly Commentary


DGR's review, with his accompanying translations, appeared under the heading “Italy” in The Critic (1 April 1853) 181 . It is a notice of of the poetry of Francesco Polidori, the uncle of DGR's maternal gradfather Gaetano, of whom DGR was exceedingly fond. Gaetano—who was still alive when DGR wrote the review—had taken up his uncle's heroic poem Losario and added to it three cantos. DGR translates the Italian verse in the review, and in a note to the review by WMR in his edition of 1911, he comments that “My brother has, in his translations in this article, improved—such at least is my opinion—upon the originals”.

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