Prefatory Note to John Orchard's “A Dialogue on Art”

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1850 April
Genre: criticism

Scholarly Commentary


In The Germ (IV. 146) DGR introduced John Orchard's “Dialogue on Art” . Orchard had written enthusiastically to DGR about his “intense admiration for the Mary Virgin, and entering into a long metaphysical disquisition on the principle of adopting the mode of thought and practice of any preceding age, which he condemns” ( Fredeman, Journal of the P. R. B., 11 , entry for 14 August 1849). Orchard's dialogue, and the sonnets he wrote about The Girlhood of Mary Virgin painting, are among the most important documents of the early PRB period, not least because Orchard was not part of DGR and his circle.

Printing History

First printed as the prefatory note to Orchard's dialogue in the May 1850 issue of The Germ, 146 .

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