Walter H. Deverell--A Raffle

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1870
Genre: advertisement


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Scholarly Commentary


The artist Walter Howell Deverell (1827-1854) was one of the original PRB circle and a close friend of DGR, who was much grieved at his death (see Fredeman, Correspondence, 54. 7, 10, 13 , letters to Ford Madox Brown and Thomas Woolner, 3 February 1854; and to William Bell Scott, 9 February 1854). After Deverell's death DGR raised the idea of a raffle to relieve the family's financial distress (see his letter to Brown of 16 March 1854, Fredeman, Correspondence, 54. 23 ). Sixteen years later Deverell's sister asked him to help sell some of Deverell's pictures, which DGR had in his safe-keeping, and DGR once again proposed a raffle and drew up this prospectus for the event. The raffle never came off (see his letters to William Bell Scott of 10 August 1870 and to Deverell's sister of September-October 1870, Fredeman, Correspondence, 70. 200, 224 ).

Printing History

WMR first printed the prospectus, presumably from a manuscript (not forthcoming), in Rossetti Papers 1862-1870, 506-507 and then collected the text in his edition of 1911.

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