Frank's Sealed Letter

William Morris

General Description

Date: 1856
Genre: Short story


◦ LeMire, Eugene D., ed. The Hollow Land.

Scholarly Commentary

Guest Editor: PC Fleming


This story is unique among William Morris’s tales in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine as the only one with a contemporary setting. The narrative style is similar to that of his other stories. Like most of the stories in the Magazine, this one centers on a dream, or a vision. The narrator, a scorned lover, holds the eponymous letter, from his friend, and imagines a life of nursing his hatred for Mabel, the lover who scorned him.

Like Fulford’ story The Two Partings, this story incorporates a poem . This poem would later be included in The Defense of Guenevere (1858), under the title “In Prison” (LeMire xxvii).

Printing History

First printed in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine , April, 1856.

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