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Document Title: Letter to William Bell Scott, July 1869, manuscript
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1869 (circa July)
Scribe: DGR

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me to send it you? I am curious to see what use you have managed to make of the lumps of wood? Is it a mantelpiece?
I have heard the news of Christina all along, & hope she will turn up improved. Tell her Howell found a nest of young hedgehogs in his garden, but having been disturbed they seem to have migrated & have to be discovered again.
The Leatharts have been here once or twice & I rather expect them again today, but am threatened with so many other visitors that I suppose it will all be a "mêlée." They have been to
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Hughes's but I know not with what result; & Leathart has asked both me & Brown about getting a water picture from Whistler, but is evidently afraid of seeming too eager.
My tent is delightful at times but I have not enjoyed it much having been greatly put about.
Your sonnet is excellent. I have not been in much of a poetizing mood lately, & I hardly know how many of my doings remain unseen by you. I copy the last. I am about to have all the poetry I can get together of mine printed roughly for my own use in slips, & keep it by me as stock for
Manuscript Addition: In Privately printed vol.
Editorial Description: WMR's note to the right of the text. He refers to the sonnet Love's Lovers, which was printed in the first trial book for Poems 1870
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Editorial Note (page ornament): The verso of DGR's seal is visible below the signature on this page.
selection ultimately with a view to a possible vol. This will induce me to write more & to get advice from the few friends one cares to show the things to. I shall only print a few copies.
Love to all at Penkill. It will be delightful to see the beautiful glen again & feel that the world is shut out. Why can one not have a glen out of oneself too? — or at least out of the way of one's ghosts & skeletons?
Ever yours affectionately,

D Gabriel R
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Editorial Note (page ornament): DGR's seal is stamped at the right of poem, containing his address (“16 CHEYNE WALK / CHELSEA”), his initials, and an image of a tree with the words of his motto, “FRANGAS NON FLECTAS.”
Note: The poem is written crosswise on a page opposite the first (surviving) page of the letter; the poem would then have been on the final page of the letter, since the MS is a single sheet folded into four pages.
Love's Lovers

  • Some ladies love the jewels in Love's zone,
  • And gold-tipped darts he hath for painless play
  • In idle scornful hours he flings away;
  • And some that listen to his lute's soft tone
  • Do love to deem the silver praise their own;
  • Some prize his blindfold sight; and there be they
  • Who kissed his wings which brought him yesterday
  • And thank his wings today that he is flown.
  • My lady only loves the heart of Love:
  • 10 Therefore Love's heart, my lady, hath for thee
  • His bower of unimagined flower and tree:
  • There kneels he now, and all-anhungered of
  • Thine eyes grey-lit in shadowing hair above,
  • Seals with thy mouth his immortality.

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