Monogram designs

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1876, 1865-72, 1869

Physical Description

Medium: pencil
Date on Image: 1876, 1865-72, 1869
Note: The date for the DGR monogram is inscribed beneath the design. The date for the two Jane Morris monograms is inferred from the address lightly sketched above the design. The date for the two John Ferguson MacLennan monograms is derived from the letter upon which the designs were inscribed.

Production Description

Production Date: 1876, 1865-72, 1869

Scholarly Commentary

Production History

The two designs for a monogram for John Ferguson MacLennan are inscribed on a letter of Dec. 1869 in which DGR writes: “I have found your monogram specially difficult to manage considering as I do that clearness is essential. The one unerased above is the best I can manage after a good many trials. Combining the lines I have not found practicable in this case. It has a hopeful bank-note look which is cheery” ( Fredeman 9).


Monogram designs
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Included Text

DGR 1876
Note: DGR inscribed the first of these monograms, figured at left, with his own initials.
Note: This monogram for Jane Morris, figured second from the left,bears only her first and last initials.
Jane M
26 Queen Square
Note: This monogram, also for Jane Morris and figured second from the right, bears her first name in full and her last initial. Above the monogram an address is lightly inscribed.
Note: The last two monograms, figured at far right, are designs for John Ferguson MacLennan.
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