Gaetano Polidori

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1853 December 23 (circa)

Physical Description

Medium: lithograph
Technique: printed on thin paper pasted down on card stock
Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.3 cm
Note: The lithograph, along with a lithograph of Francesco Polidori, was tipped into a copy of Il Losario: Poema Eroica Romanzesco di Ser Francesco Polidori, edited and augmented by his nephew Gaetano Polidori. MWR's endorsement is inscribed on verso free endpaper: “This book contains 2 lithographs done by D.G. Rossetti at the request of his grandfather Gataeno Polidori. The head of Francesco P. is a mere fancy-portrait; that of Gaetano P. is taken from a daguerreotype. The pencillings are the writing of Henry F. Polydore. WMR 1905.”

Production Description

Production Date: 1853 December 23 (circa)
Model: Gaetano Polidori

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Gaetano Polidori
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Included Text

Gaetano Polidori nato nel 1763 nel castello di Bientina in Tuscana.
Note: This is inscribed beneath the portrait.
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