Design for a letter seal

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Physical Description

Medium: pen and ink
Technique: pen and ink on a half-sheet of unwatermarked handmade stationary
Dimensions: paper: 11.1 x 17.9 cm; design: 5.9 x 2.8 cm

Production Description

Production Date: 1875?

Scholarly Commentary


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Design for a letter seal
Copyright: ©Robin Alston

Included Text

The bird is to be modelled with its beak open & and its head feathers puffed out, as singing.
The flowers round the foot of the tree to be pansies, with their little leaves between them. If the bird is burnished, the pansy blossoms might be so too.
The tree might perhaps be made a hawthorn, and little clusters of flowers introduced among the leaves. The flowers might then also be burnished.
Take care that the gold is a good deep colour.
Note: DGR's holograph directions to the artisan are inscribed around the two stamped seals and monogram.
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